Welcome to Harold's Cave Creek!

Welcome to Harold's Cave Creek!
Harold's is THE place in Cave Creek, Arizona for good food, great music and a dang’ good time. Hitch yer hat, hang yer hoss and kick back to enjoy some good times eatin’, drinkin’ and dancin’. Harolds serves up the best durned cooking in these here parts (or any other parts, for that matter). 

Since Harold started the place about 1935, Harold’s has always been the center of Cave Creek activity. It has spawned a million crazy stories… from lions and tigers caged in the back to Harold himself along his flamboyant friends, movie stars, (real) cowboys and other colorful characters.

Many celebrities have frequented Harold’s. Some to wine and dine on the fine food and some because it was their film location… Warner Bros. filmed Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins starring Mckensie Phillips, Alan Arkin and Sally Kellerman; other films were Electroglide in Blue starring Robert Blake and Jeannie Riley and Little Foss and Big Halsey with Robert Redford. Dick Van Dyke and Hugh Downs frequent Harold’s, but then, the locals always know the best spots.

We surely hope you will visit Harold’s. And when you do, take a minute to browse through the photographs on the walls of the wonderful characters that frequent Harold’s. Hope to see you real soon!

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